Go With the Flow


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Life is a series of events, one flows into the next. When things run smoothly, most of us go through them without even considering the possibility that this is exactly the way it’s suppose to be. When we come to a bump in our journey and something throws us off we usually end up reacting in a  stressful way. We cast blame on others, yell and over react. What if for a minute you took a deep breath and thought “Maybe this is exactly the way it is suppose to be.”

This morning I left Collingwood at 6:30 AM. I made it to Pearson Airport with lots of time to catch a 10:30 AM flight to California. Simon and I were meeting in the LAX airport and spending the week together. A long overdue 7 days of unscheduled time. Ok that’s another blog…When I got to the airport I was told to wait at the gate because I did not have a seat. Once everyone was boarded I was told the flight was over sold and they could put me on the next flight this evening at 6:00 PM. There I stood with 3 others who were angry and making a seen. I new in that moment I had a choice of how I was going to react. Sure it sucks, sure I have somewhere to be, however Air Canada was taking full responsibility. I thought to myself what if this is the way my day is suppose to go. I proceeded to customer service where a really nice lady took care of me. We had a great conversation about Collingwood and what a great place it was to live. She thanked me for being so nice. I can only imagine how many times they get yelled at. I started to think about how grateful I was for even getting the chance to be away.

I have 7 hours to sit in a beautiful lounge because I really nice lady heard my story and took me there. I was compensated for the hassle and even given food vouchers for the day to make sure I stay hydrated and fed. And so today, I sit, read, blog, email and take the day to myself. Nowhere to go but to wait for the next flight. Personally I don’t think that is so bad.

I hope that whatever you are doing today you stop, take a deep breath and be grateful for exactly where you are.


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