Good Bye 2016



2016 thank you for showing me how great life could be. I had such a great year filled with so much love, laughter and growth. There were many tears shed and many lessons learnt. I got to spend more time with myself then ever before and to be honest it took great effort. I really like who I am, I am not sure I could have said that before. I realized that whatever I thought I was searching for is not external, it rests deep in my heart. Speaking of hearts, mine is slowly healing. I can be so hard on myself, but no more. I have some big plans in store for 2017, the seeds are planted and I am tending to them. It’s a little scary but I have a huge amount of trust that I am exactly where I need to be. You see, I know I am great.

2017 I want to continue to work on being vulnerable. I am slowly testing the waters and I gotta say… It’s a little scary. I know you have my back! I have my gaze set ahead and I have stopped looking behind, it’s not the direction I am heading. I want to continue to cultivate great relationships with my husband, children and friends. Spending more quality time with them is a priority. I will continue to be a beacon of light for my tribe. I am  clear that my role is to shine more light. I am grateful for yoga and the community that I have cultivated. I have worked so hard but I know there is more to be done. I promise to stay grounded in my teachings and nurture myself so that I can continue to serve. I am excited to see what is in store.

Thank you,


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