Happy Birthday Buddha Rider


On Monday Dec 3 2007 Buddha Rider opened it’s doors. We had just moved up to Collingwood 5 months prior. I was not sure that I really wanted to be a yoga studio owner but here I was waiting for the first students to arrive. That first week we had 28 classes and 30 students. Weeks turned into months and months turned into years.

8 years later Buddha Rider is part of the larger community of Collingwood. The studio houses over 20 classes a week, 14 teachers, 10 volunteers, teacher training programs, regular workshops, retreats and over 350 people come through the studio each week.

I have a platform that allows me to show up and be my authentic self. A place where I get to share my life with people who want to live better, take care of themselves and our greater community and make a difference. This place that is my second home fills my days with so much love. My capacity to grow and be a better teacher is because of all of you. On this day, I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of a space that is a sanctuary for some, a space where I spend time laughing, stretching, crying and sharing meaningful relationship. I am living my dream…

Thank you to all of you. To the teachers that teach, to the volunteers who help out, to Kim who keeps everything in place, to the students who show up day after day and to my family who continues to support and unconditionally love me in every way.

Warm Hugs,

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