Ashaya 200 hour Teacher Training

Living Your Yoga – 200 hour Ashaya Teacher Training

Ashaya (AH-shy-ah) is a Sanskrit word that means, “abode of the heart.” The word also refers to the heart as a place of refuge, a sanctuary of the deepest aspects of the Self. Like a safe haven within, it is a protective harbor where we anchor the most treasured parts of the Self.

What can I expect?

The teacher training program will meet 1 weekend a month. You will practice yoga, learn more about yourself and begin to open up in ways that will help you to connect more fully to yourself and the people around you. You are expected to attend 20 classes at the studio over the course of the year. If you are traveling for the program other arrangements will be made. 10 of those classes will be hands on assiting.

Program Dates for 2017 – 2018

Ocotber 20-22, November 17-19, December 8-10, January 12-14, February 9-11, March 2-4, April 6-8, May11-13 , June 8-10 (weekend retreat)

Weekend Schedule

Friday Evenings – 6:00-8:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday 7:30-8:30 AM (morning practice) – 11:30 AM-6:30 PM

June Retreat Weekend – Friday 2:00 PM – Sunday 1:00 PM

Looking for more info? Email to book a time to chat.

The Art of Masterful Living – Todd Norian

We are all made of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and sky. Masterful living is achieved when these elements are balanced within. When out of balance, you may feel “contracted” (too much earth), “under water” emotionally stressed out (too much water), unmotivated (not enough fire) or over working (too much fire), scattered and fearful (too much air), or spacey and ungrounded (too much sky).

The Ashaya Yoga® practice brings about a flowing integration of all five elements that leaves you feeling strong, confident, peaceful, openhearted, and ready to engage with life wholeheartedly from a place of worthiness.

Friday 6:30pm-9:00pm:

Open Sky ~ Bask In the Vastness Enjoy a spacious, heart-opening practice including standing poses, backbends, hip openers, twists, and forward bends. Includes a sky meditation and deep relaxation.

Saturday 10:00am–1:00pm:

Rich Earth ~ Transform Challenges Into Life-Enhancing Change Challenges never come to put you down. They only come when you are ready to rise up and stand strong in your power. Learn how to engage with life’s challenges with an open heart that transforms obstacles into opportunities. Build core strength, flexibility, and balance with standing poses, hip openers, inversions (with modifications and prep poses), and backbends.

Saturday 3:00pm-5:30pm:

Delicious Water ~ Gentle Yoga and Therapeutics For the Lower Back and Hips: Release strain and stress and allow yourself to enjoy a sequence of flowing, soothing, and restorative poses. Gently open the body and practice therapeutic applications to soothe, heal, and strengthen the lower back and hips in order to flow better with the currents of life. Water always finds its way back to the source – the ocean of consciousness.

Sunday 10:00am-1:00pm:

Bright Fire, Soothing Wind ~ Flame Of the Heart: Masterful living is about tapping into the infinite light of the universe deep in your heart in order to source your true passion and vision for your life. Practice an inspiring sequence of postures that reconnects you to your heart where you recognize you are already whole and complete. End with a deep relaxation integrating all five elements.

Fri. 1:30pm-4:00pm:

Teachers Practice ~ Refine Your Alignment Open to all teachers and experienced students.

When do teachers ever get to practice together? Not very often. Don’t miss this opportunity to practice with other like-minded and dedicated teachers and experienced students in an up-tempo, playful practice. Focus on the therapeutic, detailed alignment technique of Ashaya Yoga grounded in a spiritually uplifting theme from the Tantra philosophy. Refine your alignment and take your practice to the next level. Enjoy a variety of standing poses, hip openers, inversions, backbends, and hand balances with modifications and preparatory sequences that build strength, balance, and flexibility.

Todd Norian, E-RYT 500, teaches yoga with the heartfelt intention to awaken others to their inherent potential for unlimited joy, vitality, and fulfillment. Founder of Ashaya Yoga®, Todd’s style is one of precise therapeutic alignment infused with heart. He excels at making deep philosophical teachings accessible and relatable. With warmth and humor, Todd creates a sanctuary of sublime transformation in which students step into the power of their own heart. A student of yoga since 1980, Todd studied many styles of heart-centered and alignment-based yoga. He continues to study extensively with several Tantric scholars, including Paul Muller-Ortega and Professor Douglas Brooks. Todd teaches workshops and trainings internationally and is a talented musician who has created several CDs of music for yoga.

Your Pelvic Health

pelvic-health (1)

Have You Ever Experienced, or Been Curious About:
* low back / hip pain that isn’t improving
* pelvic pain
* postpartum or other urinary incontinence
* leaking with sneezing or coughing
* prolapse or other pelvic conditions
* pain with sexual activity
* a disconnection with your pelvic area
These two sessions with Kristin Honey and Michelle Fraser will cover:
– Get Acquainted with your Pelvic Floor
– Soften and Activate
– Integration into your Life

In this dynamic workshop series, we will build the foundation for the healthy balance of your pelvic floor and explore the gifts and challenges of this area from the physical, emotional and spiritual perspectives.
Familiarize yourself with the function of your pelvic floor and deepen your awareness and understanding through lecture, anatomy, discussion, self reflection and embodied movement. Explore how to access, train, and balance your pelvic floor muscles and to apply the skills and insights developed to your daily life.

Kristin Honey
A yoga teacher for over 15 years, Kristin infuses her teaching with alignment, heart and curiosity. Her fascination and interest in pelvic health, which began with the teachings of Susanne Kemmerer and Ramanand Patel, has been further honed through personal exploration, experience working with private clients, and collaborative work and study with pelvic floor physiotherapists and other health care practitioners. Kristin’s teaching is rooted in her experience in various yoga traditions, meditation practice and exploring the sweet spot between softness and strength.

Michelle Fraser
Michelle is a pelvic health advocate and educator who works with persons of all genders experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction or interested in understanding the complexities of pelvic health. In addition to being an orthopaedic and pelvic health physiotherapist, Michelle is a certified yoga instructor, enriching her finely tuned treatment methods with the benefits of mindful movement. She’s earned her Masters of Education at OISE, specializing in global health education, and is dedicated to empowering people to take charge of their pelvic health.

Dates: Saturday, Apr. 16 & Sunday, Apr. 17, 2016
Times: 1:00pm to 5:30pm
Investment: $175.00 +hst

Body Thrive Workshop


Welcome to your 10 week Body Thrive Workshop. This workshop will incorporate healthy eating, healthy lifestyle and overall wellbeing.
What’s included:
~ body Thrive book by Cate Stillman
~ weekly conversation
~ 1 hour of yoga, meditation and breathing practices to support you
~ workbook sheets on building healthy habits
~ information that incorporates the principles of Ayurvedic health

Day: Thursday’s
Dates: April 14 to June 16, 2016
Time: 11:15pm to 1:15pm
Investment: $265.00 +hst

Go With the Flow


Photo on 2016-02-06 at 12.51 PM

Life is a series of events, one flows into the next. When things run smoothly, most of us go through them without even considering the possibility that this is exactly the way it’s suppose to be. When we come to a bump in our journey and something throws us off we usually end up reacting in a  stressful way. We cast blame on others, yell and over react. What if for a minute you took a deep breath and thought “Maybe this is exactly the way it is suppose to be.”

This morning I left Collingwood at 6:30 AM. I made it to Pearson Airport with lots of time to catch a 10:30 AM flight to California. Simon and I were meeting in the LAX airport and spending the week together. A long overdue 7 days of unscheduled time. Ok that’s another blog…When I got to the airport I was told to wait at the gate because I did not have a seat. Once everyone was boarded I was told the flight was over sold and they could put me on the next flight this evening at 6:00 PM. There I stood with 3 others who were angry and making a seen. I new in that moment I had a choice of how I was going to react. Sure it sucks, sure I have somewhere to be, however Air Canada was taking full responsibility. I thought to myself what if this is the way my day is suppose to go. I proceeded to customer service where a really nice lady took care of me. We had a great conversation about Collingwood and what a great place it was to live. She thanked me for being so nice. I can only imagine how many times they get yelled at. I started to think about how grateful I was for even getting the chance to be away.

I have 7 hours to sit in a beautiful lounge because I really nice lady heard my story and took me there. I was compensated for the hassle and even given food vouchers for the day to make sure I stay hydrated and fed. And so today, I sit, read, blog, email and take the day to myself. Nowhere to go but to wait for the next flight. Personally I don’t think that is so bad.

I hope that whatever you are doing today you stop, take a deep breath and be grateful for exactly where you are.


Partner Yoga

yoga partner

Looking for a little play? Want to make time to connect to another? Think a deeper stretch will feel great? Then come try out Buddha Rider’s Partner Yoga class.

Join us as we explore working together through movement, play, breath and touch.
Grab a friend and come play.
No yoga experience necessary. Just a good attitude.

Date: Sunday Feb 14, 2016

Investment: $60 for double or $30 for single

Buddha Rider Spin Certification

spin and yoga

In efforts to grow Buddha Rider’s cycle community we have developed an incredible cycle certification program. This program will transform you as a student and develop skills to facilitate incredible Buddha Rider and Rider classes.

By sharing our knowledge of cycling and our skills we have developed along the way, this program will enable you to teach and inspire others, gain greater confidence in yourself and leave you feeling spectacular.

The Fundamentals
~ Alignment on the bike
~ Bike set up
~ Heart rate measuring
~ Sequencing to keep students engaged

Anatomy and Physiology
~ The cardiovascular system
~ Anatomy on the bike
~ The breath
~ Stretching
~ Modifications
~ Contraindications

~ Music
~ Teaching methodology
~ Power of words
~ Great Sequencing

~ You must attend and complete  hours of class time at Buddha Rider
~ Take 3 cycling classes at an indoor studio
~ Complete all written assignments
~ Co teach with Shirlee Williams

Dates: Sunday January 24, 2016
Investment: $250.00 +hst
Pre Req – Love of fitness and cycling

Happy Birthday Buddha Rider


On Monday Dec 3 2007 Buddha Rider opened it’s doors. We had just moved up to Collingwood 5 months prior. I was not sure that I really wanted to be a yoga studio owner but here I was waiting for the first students to arrive. That first week we had 28 classes and 30 students. Weeks turned into months and months turned into years.

8 years later Buddha Rider is part of the larger community of Collingwood. The studio houses over 20 classes a week, 14 teachers, 10 volunteers, teacher training programs, regular workshops, retreats and over 350 people come through the studio each week.

I have a platform that allows me to show up and be my authentic self. A place where I get to share my life with people who want to live better, take care of themselves and our greater community and make a difference. This place that is my second home fills my days with so much love. My capacity to grow and be a better teacher is because of all of you. On this day, I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of a space that is a sanctuary for some, a space where I spend time laughing, stretching, crying and sharing meaningful relationship. I am living my dream…

Thank you to all of you. To the teachers that teach, to the volunteers who help out, to Kim who keeps everything in place, to the students who show up day after day and to my family who continues to support and unconditionally love me in every way.

Warm Hugs,

Kids Yoga – Lesson’s From The Madhouse


I have two little boys 7 and 3.

Our house is the anthesis of Zen.
We totally meditate, in time out. We recite mantras like, ‘he hit me’ or simply, ‘no’. Partner yoga is something we practice on the back lawn. It looks remarkably like wrestling or strangling. Compassion flows through the halls in bucketfuls – of teary apologies and recriminations.
The light in me sees the light in you people.
I am pulling back the curtain not only in the spirit of empathy but also to say, doing yoga with your kid a couple times isn’t going to reinvent childhood or your family. I’ve scoured blogs, websites and books. Almost all predict world peace and quiet bedtimes by page two. Three downdogs in and your previously self-involved 6 year old wants to join the peace corp and hug his brother until the end of time. Downward dog won’t trump Minecraft let alone typical (and imperative) childhood egotism and savasana isn’t going to replace nerf guns. It certainly hasn’t over here at this madhouse. But I’m not giving up, and it isn’t out of fear of hypocrisy.
It’s because sometimes my beasts respond …
Many kids (most definitely mine) have trouble coping with the busy environment they find themselves in today. Their brains are being asked to evolve with the speed of technology. Their emotional responses have to address the instantaneous and pervasive world of Facebook and texting. Access to physical education, art and music is limited as class sizes grow and funding shrinks. Bullying is a buzzword and video games are king.
I have trouble processing it all. Their potential stress stresses me out. It’s parental stress irony. I feel like I need some yoga …
For kids that are sensitive to these environmental strains, yoga can provide them with tools to accept and express emotion. There are techniques we use to promote relaxation, self-awareness and therefore improve their response to stress. We can build their physical strength and flexibility which can improve their self-esteem. Yoga can provide COPING STRATEGIES. And check the internet … we parents love strategies.
And if your kid isn’t stressed? Copes beautifully?
I think the one thing we overlook in our worries about screen time and over-scheduling as parents is perhaps the thing that is most lacking and most important – CONNECTION – to one another, to our environment and to ourselves. That connection is the precursor to empathy. And that bucket is never full enough.
I hope your local yoga studio has a program for kids. And I hope that the program isn’t a dumbed down asana practice. I hope it offers a safe place for kids to express themselves, get to know themselves and to CONNECT. Through games, crafts, stories and yes, asana, we can offer kids a non-judgmental opportunity to become aware of the world and their place in it.
That’s yoga.
We don’t have toddler mats laid out in a home studio in front of a Buddha in our madhouse. There are no chimes and we don’t chant. But we do talk about our feelings before bed. We take deep breaths and count to ten. We take walks.
That’s also yoga.
From our madhouse to yours.

Melissa Enfield is running our kids program as well as teaching yoga and pilates. For more information on Melissa 


Movie Night

kumare 1

Come join us for our first ever movie night!

Date: Friday October 16, 2015

Time: 7:30-9:00 PM


Bring snacks

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