Class Descriptions

Buddha Rider
Our signature class. A one-hour class that starts with 30-minute heart-pumping cycling and music, followed by a delicious 30-minute yoga practice. It’s a rockin’ cardio workout with a twist! Suitable for all levels

Extreme Buddha Rider
Same great class as Buddha Rider except longer. Join us for a 50 min ride followed by a serious stretch!

Rider 45 and 60
A challenging 45 or 60-minute cycling class to make you smile and sweat. The high-energy music and instructor will inspire you build your strength and endurance. Suitable for all levels

Circuit Rider
This is a high energy, super fun, 1-hour total body work out! Combining strength, core, cardio and stretch! Start with a 15 minute ride to warm up.

Core Rider
A high energy, super fun 30 minute cycle followed by a 30 minute core workout.

Gentle Stretch                                                                                       Come out and enjoy the gentle way. Enjoy the slower pace of Hatha Yoga. This class is suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

Hot Buddha Flow                                                                                       A 75-minute hot yoga flow! Follow us as we guide you through our very own signature Buddha Flow Class. An intense work-out that will get the heart rate up and allow for a deeper opening. Be sure to make you sweat!

Restorative Yoga                                                                                 Restorative Yoga is as the name suggests… rest and restore. By supporting the body with props we stimulate and relax the body to move towards balance. In this yoga class, move through a series of poses using the support of props, and experience the melting of the body and the mind. Finish off with a little acuballing. What a great way to end your day.

Buddha Barre
Experience a full-body workout that will keep you moving and introduce you to muscles you didn’t even know you had. Derived from Pilates, dance, cardio & strength training. Buddha Barre focuses on specific areas of the body including legs, arms and core. No dance experience or tutus required!

For the Mama to be! Our prenatal class offers yoga postures and breathe work to promote the health of your changing body and to nourish and celebrate the life of your new BABY!

Mama and Baby 
Same great classes as our regular fitness program except baby gets to come! Get yourself back in shape and share with other new mom’s. This class is run in a workshop format.

Simply Somatics
Somatics (in the Thomas Hanna tradition) means sensing the body from the inside out. You will find this class to be very relaxing and enjoyable. You will learn slow, gentle, relaxing self-care movements that are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Movements are designed to relieve pain and tension, improve posture, reduce stress, increase range of motion, prevent injuries, and warm up and cool down from workouts.
You’ll lie on the floor on a mat, alternating between lying on your back, side, and stomach. The educator leading the class will verbally teach you the movements rather than demonstrate. By not demonstrating the movements it encourages an internal learning process. You can make changes in your nervous system more effectively and efficiently when you focus completely on your internal sensations.

To check when classes are running give us a shout at 705 444 2266.

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