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Have You Ever Experienced, or Been Curious About:
* low back / hip pain that isn’t improving
* pelvic pain
* postpartum or other urinary incontinence
* leaking with sneezing or coughing
* prolapse or other pelvic conditions
* pain with sexual activity
* a disconnection with your pelvic area
These two sessions with Kristin Honey and Michelle Fraser will cover:
– Get Acquainted with your Pelvic Floor
– Soften and Activate
– Integration into your Life

In this dynamic workshop series, we will build the foundation for the healthy balance of your pelvic floor and explore the gifts and challenges of this area from the physical, emotional and spiritual perspectives.
Familiarize yourself with the function of your pelvic floor and deepen your awareness and understanding through lecture, anatomy, discussion, self reflection and embodied movement. Explore how to access, train, and balance your pelvic floor muscles and to apply the skills and insights developed to your daily life.

Kristin Honey
A yoga teacher for over 15 years, Kristin infuses her teaching with alignment, heart and curiosity. Her fascination and interest in pelvic health, which began with the teachings of Susanne Kemmerer and Ramanand Patel, has been further honed through personal exploration, experience working with private clients, and collaborative work and study with pelvic floor physiotherapists and other health care practitioners. Kristin’s teaching is rooted in her experience in various yoga traditions, meditation practice and exploring the sweet spot between softness and strength.

Michelle Fraser
Michelle is a pelvic health advocate and educator who works with persons of all genders experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction or interested in understanding the complexities of pelvic health. In addition to being an orthopaedic and pelvic health physiotherapist, Michelle is a certified yoga instructor, enriching her finely tuned treatment methods with the benefits of mindful movement. She’s earned her Masters of Education at OISE, specializing in global health education, and is dedicated to empowering people to take charge of their pelvic health.

Dates: Saturday, Apr. 16 & Sunday, Apr. 17, 2016
Times: 1:00pm to 5:30pm
Investment: $175.00 +hst

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